Photo by Benjamin LeCorps


Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist – Animal Welfare
Department of Dairy Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Prospective undergraduate research assistants:

For undergraduates interested in gaining research experience in animal welfare, we have ongoing needs for assistance with primarily computer-based data collection, along with some hands-on animal handling opportunities. We provide computer workstations in our lab space where you can complete expected tasks such as watching videos of cattle behavior and processing and analyzing data.

If interested in joining our lab: please email your resume and a brief statement of your interests and relevant skills. If you are offered an interview, you will meet with the current graduate students who would directly supervise your research internship. If a good fit is found, you would be eligible to earn independent study course credits (e.g., Dairy Science 299). We expect a semester-long minimum commitment of 6 hours/week, scheduled in blocks of at least 2 hours at a time.

Biology/Zoology 152: After at least 1 semester working with our lab group for a minimum of 6 hours/week, and provided you met all expectations, you would then become eligible for a research project in our lab to fulfill the requirements of Biology/Zoology 152 the following semester.

Prospective graduate students:

I do not currently have funding for new graduate students to join the lab. If you independently obtain a scholarship to pursue graduate study and/or if you would like to be contacted when future opportunities arise in our lab, please email:

  1. Statement of your research interests relating to dairy cattle behavior and welfare and your relevant skills and experience
  2. Resume/CV, including GPA and relevant coursework
  3. Unofficial transcript from both BS and MS institutions, as applicable
  4. GRE scores with percentiles

I value a strong work ethic, ability to work well with others, an inquisitive mind, and a passion for animal welfare. Previous research experience, coursework in animal welfare and/or behavior, and livestock handling skills are preferred.

For other inquiries, email me or use the form below: