50th anniversary of the ISAE in Edinburgh

I just returned from a couple weeks of travel in Europe, including a week in Edinburgh for the Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology – the society’s 50th anniversary celebration!

Highlights included:

  1. Being elected to the ISAE Council to serve a 4-year term as Communications Officer
  2. Presenting a poster on my paper “Sprinkler flow rate affects dairy cattle avoidance of spray to the head, but not overall, in an aversion race”, which was published recently in Applied Animal Behaviour Science (see my blog post here for an explanation)
  3. Presenting another poster about using an aversion race to evaluate the emotional valence (+ or -) that animals associate with various stimuli
  4. Reconnecting with colleagues from around the world and making new friends as well!
  5. Displaying a my black-and-silver embroidery of a Holstein cow in the “Art, Animals, and Us” exhibit during the opening reception of the Congress (photo below) and enjoying the other contributions ranging from poetry to wood carving


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