A win at the CA Animal Nutrition Conference!

I won first place in the student poster competition at the 2015 California Animal Nutrition Conference (CANC), held May 6-7 in Fresno!

I presented a poster titled “Cooling dairy cows efficiently with water: Effects of soaker flow rate on body temperature and behavior.” Each student discussed their poster individually with a panel of 3 judges, and I was so honored to win first place!

My work is relevant to feeding behavior, as soakers used to cool cows are typically mounted over their feeding area (the feed bunk). Cows often eat less in hot weather in order to avoid producing excess body heat, and this reduces milk production. Providing soakers increases the amount of time cows spend at the feed bunk, and can improve feed intake. I was so pleased that the judges recognized the applied value of my work.

This was my first time attending CANC, and I was so grateful for the new connections I made with experts and professionals in nutrition. I enjoyed the wide variety of topics that were presented: not only were there talks on animal nutrition, but there were also discussions about assessing animal welfare (given by my advisor, Dr. Cassandra Tucker), ethics and business values, current issues in agriculture, and legislation.

I would like to thank the organizers, judges, and conference sponsors again for this great learning opportunity – as well as for the generous cash prize for the poster contest 🙂

Poster prize sponsors:

  • Adisseo USA Inc.
  • Archer Daniels Midland
  • DuPont Pioneer
  • EDGE Dairy Consulting
  • Elanco Animal Health
  • Foster Farms Commodity Division
  • Global Agri-Trade Corporation
  • Kemin Industries
  • Milk Specialties Global
  • Mycogen Seeds
  • Pacific Elements, LLC
  • Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care
  • Pine Creek Nutrition Services, Inc.
  • Western Milling, LLC

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